Texas DMV Written Driving Practice Test

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How do vehicle brakes work?

By redirecting air flow

Through the application of hydraulic pressure

Vehicle brakes work through the application of hydraulic pressure. When the brake pedal is pressed, it activates a piston in the brake master cylinder, which then sends hydraulic fluid through the brake lines to the brake calipers. This creates pressure on the brake pads, causing them to press against the rotors, which in turn slows down the wheels and stops the vehicle. Options A, C, and D are incorrect because they involve methods that do not directly relate to the mechanics of braking. Air flow redirection does not directly impact the brakes, while the introduction of electricity and release of brake fluid are not the primary means by which vehicle brakes work. It is important to remember that it is the creation and application of hydraulic pressure that allows for effective and efficient braking.

Through the introduction of electricity

Through the release of brake fluid